Meet The Next President... In Activision's 'Secret Service'

Just in time for the U.S. presidential election, Activision's "Secret Service: Ultimate Sacrifice" was released last week.

When we heard about the game last month, we asked who would portray the precious cargo to be protected. The company confirmed to us that the two presidents, outgoing President Simon and president-elect President Richards, are fictional Caucasian males.

We figured if you're going to take a bullet for someone, you should at least know what they look like first. Make the jump to see the men you'll be protecting throughout "Secret Service."

In the first level of the game, President Simon is shot during the inauguration as Spanish-speaking attackers siege the Lincoln Memorial. (Below are digital photos of the game playing on an HDTV.)

After you're finished protecting President Simon, your job is to find President Richards in the rest of the game. Here's a blown-up screenshot of his data file from the cutscene:

Here's a screenshot of the outgoing vice president. While the two presidents look like the standard generic politicians, doesn't Fritz look a lot like a certain real-life VP we know? Must be a coincidence.

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