Meet Our Guest-Blogger For Next Week!

A few weeks ago, in conjunction with game publisher Ubisoft, we put out a casting alert to find one talented blogger who would be the perfect person to cover next week's "Shaun White: Snowboarding" launch event in Los Angeles.

I narrowed the many applications to five, and then a group of MTV judges voted. Our winner is University of Colorado student, "SSX" addict and snowboarder Michelle Zeller.

Michelle will be writing and shooting for Multiplayer next week. Please welcome her. And since she'll be checking out the game and interviewing Shaun White (aided and abetted by Patrick, who's also heading to L.A.), let her know what questions you'd like her to ask.

Take it away, Michelle...

Hey gamers and MTV Fans!!

My name is Michelle Zeller and I'm the lucky winner who gets to interview Shaun White in Los Angeles!!

I am 20 years old and have been gaming and snowboarding for many years now. Shaun White has been my hero since I first discovered snowboarding when I was 12 years old. This is a dream come true for me, my chance to share my love and knowledge of video games and snowboarding while meeting my hero! Some of you may recognize my gamer name RoxyHoney from "SSX3" online as I was in the top ten rankings.

From Sega genesis to Sony PlayStation I have played and loved many games. Snowboarding games are my favorite. I still remember the day I got my PlayStation for Christmas and discovered Cool Boarders.I instantly became obsessed and it was then I decided I wanted to snowboard.

Fast forward to today and I compete in some of the worlds top level snowboarding competitions such as the Burton Global Open series and have gained a sponsorship by Roxy and GNU. I also am a member of the University of Colorado snowboard team. Snowboarding and video games rule my life and I am soo stoked for this opportunity!

If I am not snowboarding, I'm playing snowboard video games. I will be sure to ask important questions about this game and give you guys the first hand view of what to expect from this much anticipated game. Video gaming and technology has come a long way since "Cool Boarders" and I can not wait to be one of the first few people to try this game out! This is the game that I have been waiting for!

Yours truly,

Michelle Zeller