Game Diary - November 7, 2008: Best Games For A 5-Year-Old

'Kirby Super Star Ultra'I got no gaming in yesterday, except for a little more progress in the tough "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia." And now, for this weekend, I'm packing to go to a wedding in Tennessee.

Also attending the wedding will be my five-year-old niece, whose obsession with my Nintendo DS may be familiar to some long-time Multiplayer readers.

She's gotten better at games over the years. When I last showed her a side-scroller on my DS, she was actually able and interested enough to make the character run to the right. Previously, her little thumb only reached the left of the D-pad. She would only make Kirby run to the left so that, she told me, he could "go to the bathroom."

I'm not trying to indoctrinate my niece into gaming. I never did. She had seen my DS one day and has been asking me about it ever since. To not bring the system to Tennessee would be to risk anger and tears.

But what games to bring this time? She likes easy, amusingly tap-able games, material that will delight with some presses of the touchscreen. So I'm packing the following games:

Electroplankton - She loved this music game when I last brought it. It's perfect for her. No failing. Lots of lights and colors. And a voice-recording feature that she thinks is hilarious.

Kirby Super Star Ultra - I haven't started this game yet, but she's loved seeing Kirby in the past. Hopefully she'll be happy to see him again.

Animal Crossing Wild World - I haven't tried this game on her before, but I suspect she's going to like walking around in it.

MillionHeir Mystery Case Files - If I can find my extra copy (I gave the first to my mom), I'll bring this. I think she'd enjoy searching for hidden objects. She might even be able to play this one without me.

Did I miss anything that would have been good for her? I wish I had something educational.

Next: "Mirror's Edge," "Fallout 3," "Resistance 2" and many other top fall games will sit idle this weekend while I'm away. But I will chip away at "Castlevania," as I've been doing all week.