'Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection' Still Includes Old-School Graphics

Remakes and high-definition graphical upgrades are commonplace for the games that defined our 8-bit and 16-bit gaming experiences.

The advent of digital distribution means we've seen fewer old-school complication packs in recent years, but Sega's giving it another go with "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection," announced yesterday, and containing over 40 classic Sega games.

The press release said the games had been "reproduced with the utmost detail and accuracy to the original games" but could also be displayed at HD resolutions with updated graphics. The screens I saw looked a bit muddy.

So, what if I wanted these games on a single disc but with their original graphical stylings in tact?

Even though the press release didn't say it, Sega confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" will include the original visuals, as well.

If you enjoy the HD upgrade, have fun, but if it bothers you, there's no problem, either. Win-win, right?