One Week Until The 'World of Warcraft' Expansion: The 'WoW' Gamer's To-Do List

The second "World of Warcraft" expansion "Wrath of the Lich King" is just one week away from release.

Are you ready?

To be sure, I've come up with a handy list of things to do in the coming week for both casual and hardcore "WoW" players...

In the game:

- Level up! If you don't have ten Level 70s like the average "WoW" player, it's okay. But at least get one character up to 55 if you want to enjoy the new Death Knight class.

- Re-spec your characters. Again, if you haven't logged on in a while, talent points have been refunded so that players can re-spec their characters according to the new abilities offered in "Lich King."

- Clean out your inventory. Assess what items you actually need. Wrapping paper? Stacks of Netherweave Cloth? Snowballs? Quest items from quests you don't even have anymore? Time to get rid of that stuff and make room for more "Lich King"-specific junk. (Or you could buy bigger bags and more bank slots.)

- Clean out your quest log. If you're like me, some of your quests are completed, but you haven't gotten around to traveling across the world to cash them in. And if you've got quests you've been meaning to do but haven't done yet, now's the time.

- Achieve. The new Achievements system was implemented in a recent patch, and if you're an Achievement whore, there's plenty of non-"Lich King" things you can do. Like read every book in the world (there's over 40) and explore every part of every continent.

- Get a haircut. The barbershop is now available, so your characters can get their mop-tops trimmed to look good when questing in Northrend.

Outside the game:

- Pre-order the game. This may seem obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway: Avoid long lines, having to go from store to store, and cranky game store employees by pre-ordering the game. Many online outlets offer release date delivery as well.

- Check your computer specs. Is it time for an upgrade? Blizzard games usually don't require too much but it wouldn't hurt to see if your rig is up to speed.

- Download the patch. If you haven't logged on in a while -- presumably because you've been playing "Warhammer Online" or "Age of Conan" -- you've got to remember to download the patch. Your guildmates will be half-way to level 80 by the time you've finished downloading that 1+ GB patch.

- Ask for time off from work. You can give advance notice or come up with a good excuse to call in sick. No one questions explosive diarrhea or violent vomiting. As for those of you in school: sorry, I can't condone truancy. Talk to Mom and Dad.

- Spend quality time with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband. If your significant other is still a non-"WoW" player at this point, they're probably not going to start now. Another option is to divorce/dump him/her.

- Exercise and eat healthy. You know how some people, before they get married, diet and exercise so they'll look good for their wedding? I recommend doing this in preparation for "Lich King." But instead of prepping for nuptials, you're getting ready to sit on your butt for three days straight, only occasionally moving your fingers.

- Buy food and other necessities. If you're not planning to leave the house during launch weekend, make sure you have everything you need. I'd also advise checking that you have an adequate supply of toilet paper.

- Buy a bedpan. That way, your mom can bring it to you every time you need to empty your bowels. (Kidding.)


Anything else to add? Feel free to make other suggestions in the comments. And happy prepping for "Lich King"!

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