Direct From SF: A Night Without Game Talk

Hardly a day goes by where I'm not talking about video games with the people I'm around, but that happened on Tuesday evening.

My girlfriend and I hosted a handful of people for an election night watching party. There was plenty of food, drinks, cheering and careful silence -- but no game talk.

This, despite the fact that almost everyone in attendance either worked in the games industry or were, at least, a big fan of games. These are people I talk to on e-mail, AIM and in-person about games on a daily basis.

All of us were focused on the historic moments at hand. The night -- which went on for some time -- had nary a mention of "whatcha been playing?"

There were more important decisions to discuss, it seemed. What happens if "X" gets elected? What happens if "X" doesn't? Is there going to be an issue 30 years from now that our children look at us in bewilderment about because "we just don't get it"? We settled on something potentially robot-related.

We did think about playing "Rock Band," though. What was your election night like?

[Photo Credit: Stan Honda/Getty Images]