A Proposal On How To Stop Used Game Purchases

I can't remember what prompted it, but two days ago I had an idea that I think would help video game companies discourage gamers from buying used copies of games instead of new ones. They do hate the process, you know.

My idea is that if a game company wants to convince the average GameStop consumer to buy a new copy of "Gears of War 2" or "Resistance 2," they should build an an Achievement or Trophy into the game called "Bought The Game New."

Simple as that.

Here's how it would work: the game company packages their game with a single-use card that contains a password that can be inputted and verified by Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Inputting the password earns the player an Achievement/Trophy that acknowledges that the player bought the game.

With that simple maneuver, the many gamers who love racking up Gamerscore points or Trophies would find themselves more inclined to buy their games new, rather than buy old ones or rent. This technique would be cheaper -- though possibly less alluring -- than companies like EA charging purchasers of used games extra to unlock all of a game's features or Microsoft issuing exclusive maps for people who buy new copies of "Gears."

So who's up for a "Bought The Game New" Achievement? Or would that be terrible for gamers?

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