'Mario,' 'Zelda' Tunes Deleted From 'Guitar Hero' Music-Sharing Service

Is it any surprise that some of the most popular tracks being created in "Guitar Hero: World Tour"'s music creation studio are ripped from video games?

When GH Tunes launched in late October, the most popular songs on the service were based on music from "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda."

But they aren't anymore.

Based on a recent search, those songs do not appear to be on the service any longer, likely a result of copyright infringement monitoring from Neversoft and Activision Blizzard -- but they are still on my hard drive. The creators of the game can't remotely delete material.

However, the blips and bloops of Mario and Link have been replaced with other video game jingles, ranging from "Final Fantasy" to "Sonic the Hedgehog" and even "DOOM."

Here are the video game tunes people are rocking to in the top 50, as of this morning:

#1 -- Cerulean City ("Pokemon")

#6 -- Spark Mandrill ("Mega Man X")

#11 -- Bubble Bobble ("Bubble Bobble")

#17 -- Banjo Rockooie ("Banjo Kazooie")

#18 -- Airman ("Mega Man 2")

#20 -- Electric Chocobo ("Final Fantasy")

#22 -- Still Alive ("Portal")

#23 -- Brimstar ("Metroid")

#25 -- Green Hill Zone ("Sonic the Hedgehog")

#42 -- Farewell Hyrule ("The Legend of Zelda")

#44 -- DOOM Win Music ("DOOM")

Even though some Nintendo tunes appear to have disappeared from the GH Tunes service, others, such as "Portal"'s Still Alive, remain available. The continued availability of Still Alive is a bit stranger, given that the "real" version is available as a free download for "Rock Band." The "Guitar Hero" version is much less interesting to play, sans vocals.

More and more "real" music is creeping up the charts, though. We're only in the very beginnings of people experimenting with "Guitar Hero"'s tools, so it makes sense people would be playing with 8-bit charts they already know.

In the top 100 of the most recently added music, from what I could tell, there were no copyright infringers to be found. Rather, there were countless "custom songs" and "jams" and "insane solo" tracks that people were experimenting with.

What custom-songs are you playing in "Guitar Hero"?

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