Activision Considering Subscription Service For User-Generated 'Guitar Hero' Music

'Guitar Hero World Tour'Just a couple of weeks after the release of "Guitar Hero: World Tour," gamers have created and uploaded more than 25,000 playable songs using the game's "GH Tunes" service.

And Activision is now considering charging for them, "World of Warcraft"-style.

In an earnings call today, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said that the "GHTunes" is a smashing success that shows the way to a new business model: "GHTunes has attracted over 25,000 user-generated songs," he said during opening remarks. "That means we will likely have up to 100,000 songs by year's end.… The ability to offer these songs on a subscription basis may very well [present] the newest opportunity in our subscription portfolio."

Currently, gamers using the GH Tunes music-creation tools are initially limited to uploading five songs. Downloads don't appear to be limited. This is all free with a purchase of the game.

"World Tour" players, would you be interested in a subscription model for playing user-generated songs? What would the service have to include?

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