Game Diary - November 5, 2008: The Final Choice Of 'Fable II'

'Fable II'There are three possible endings for "Fable II." Last night, right after Barack Obama was announced as the President-elect of the United States, I un-paused my copy of the game and made my choice.

It's a choice I quickly regretted... (BIG END-GAME SPOILER COMING)

I was given three choices: 1) to bring my character's wife and dog back from the dead, 2) to pocket an incredible amount of gold or 3) to forgo both of those options and bring back everyone else who had died during the rise of the game's villain. I would be able to keep playing in the game's world after making the choice.

I had been playing my game mostly as a bad guy, but I tried to mix in the occasional good action, just to be interesting. And I never was evil to my character's family. For this big choice I knew that taking the money would be considered evil. It was too easy a choice to make. Bringing back my family and dog was tempting, but it seemed like it would return the game to its status quo, something that, in terms of gameplay, might not be that interesting.

I went with the third choice. It seemed the least likely for my character and the most mysterious in terms of gameplay.

Unfortunately, it was a letdown. I imagined that all the enemies I had killed in the game would appear in the game again. They did not. I imagined that I'd be greeted with parades and given a new dog. I was not. Instead, I got a letter from grateful citizens and a statue erected in my honor. No parade. No dog.

And without the dog, the game feels lonely. It feels sad.

It's a disappointment.

But the sadness I feel, that loneliness is a reaction like I've never felt before from a game. It's a feeling in my gut, an emotional unease. And that, more than being a disappointment, is a triumph.

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