'New Xbox Experience' Revives Forgotten Original Xbox Robot

Xbox's early days were rough. Microsoft was entering a new market most figured they had no business being a part of -- but they did it anyway.

So, there were a few laughs along the way, and Xbox 360's reformed dashboard, dubbed the "New Xbox Experience" subtly honors some of those past missteps.

You'll find them by scrolling through your friends list, as part of the backgrounds for fellow Avatars. The giant robot you'll see is a reference to the original Xbox technology demonstration that debuted at the Game Developers Conference in 2000. The giant "X" was part of a ridiculous E3 prop.

The Xbox 360 NXE versions of these things are shown above. To see their real-life, old-school -- in Xbox years, anyway -- versions, see below.

[Note: I couldn't find the giant "X" prop in person, sorry! But it looked just like this...except real. It was at E3 ages ago. Can someone help me??]