Opening Our Mystery Mail - Episode 4 (I call foul)

Can we not have nice things? Can we not share the wonders of opening up the many packages sent to the MTV Multiplayer blog with all of you readers?

There would be a risk, though, that if game companies knew we were opening our mail for the public that they might try to manipulate us. They might game the system by sending boxes they otherwise wouldn't send. Just to get their game a little more recognition.

They might send us a box like this:

I found this box suspicious. Note the two mailing labels and my name merely scrawled in magic marker. Warily, I opened this box.

One mailing label indicated this box was sent to a New York public relations firm. The second box showed that the box was then sent to me. Clearly, the PR firm had re-used the box.

In it, I found swag for DS tower-defense game "Ninjatown." Note that I'm showing you all of the contents of this box. It was mostly empty. The swag was clearly just chucked in: a stack of "Ninjatown" stickers, some copies of the "Ninjatown" comic. There was no indication that anyone counted this stuff out. They just grabbed some things and dropped them in.

A close-up supports that theory. Notice how these posters were stacked evenly, just a wad of flyers ready to be mailed to me.

Also in the box: an un-constructed box for some foreign cereal. The box sports a "Ninjatown" logo.

The clear sign of shady business: all of this stuff didn't come close to filling this box.

Suspicious, no? I say, dear readers, that we've been taken for a ride. The "Ninjatown" people, who I have not spoken to about this, appear to be depriving our "Mystery Mail" feature of its very innocence.

Next time someone does this, I'm not posting it.

But it is funny the first time.

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