Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden Show Up In 'Spore' - As Spaceships

If you'd like Electronic Arts-branded versions of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin as spaceships in your "Spore" world, you're in luck.

There are plenty of political creations in the Sporepedia, but Electronic Arts and Maxis have gone and created their own for users.

In their "Spore" profiles, Obama and Biden are rated with a smiley and listed as a "flourishing species," while McCain and Palin have a frown and are tagged as "endangered species." What's that say about "Spore" users?

In a note sent to gaming press, EA encouraged users to hop into the Sporepedia and vote for their favorites. "Who knows, you just might see Obama firing 'YesYouCannons' around the galaxy, or witness firsthand John McCain being 'mavericky,'" reads the note.

To see a much larger image of the candidates in "Spore" and some truly bizarre user-created alternatives to each of them, keep reading.