Up Past 3:00 A.M. -- 'Fallout 3' Wouldn't Let Me Sleep

Open world fears be damned, I am officially addicted to "Fallout 3."

I managed to squeeze in about four hours with "Fallout 3" yesterday afternoon. Then, my girlfriend went to sleep early.

It was midnight, and I could pop in "LittleBigPLanet," which I've sadly ignored, or "Mirror's Edge," a title that's piqued my curiosity but remains wrapped.

They both remained on the shelf.

I put another three hours into "Fallout 3" and forced myself to turn off my Xbox 360 at a little after 3:00 a.m., after finishing the "Reilly's Rangers" quest. Who knew battling through a hotel could take nearly three hours? Well, only if you want to 100% your map...

I'm slightly overwhelmed by the open-ended nature of Bethesda Softworks' post-apocalyptic adventure. There's nothing ever telling me to return to the main quest. I almost have to force myself back on track after a few hours. There can't really be a whole new area to explore with no quest value, can there? It's just there to be there?

I've never played anything like this before. It's very exciting. I feel like I should give "Fallout" a break to try what else is on my desk -- but will I? Hard to say.

What is keeping you up late at night these days?

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