'BioShock''s PS3 Downloadable Content Priced, We Update Our Exclusive Content Chart

We have new details on the "BioShock" "challenge rooms" designed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 port of 2K Games' atmospheric shooter from last here.

The rooms will be released on November 20 for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store. They're not part of the "BioShock" storyline.

The add-on includes three challenge rooms -- A Shocking Turn of Events, The I in Team, Worlds of Hurt -- that ask players to use both brain and brawn to make it through some new areas of Rapture.

We've also updated MTV Multiplayer's exclusive content chart debuted a few weeks back:

PS3 vs 360: Charting The Exclusive Content
Game Platform Exclusive Content Announced Release Price
BioShock PS3 Puzzles E3 08 Nov. 20 $9.99
Call of Duty: WoW Xbox 360 Multiplayer Beta Sept. 08 Oct. 08 N/A
Dead Space Xbox 360 & PS3 Upgraded Suit, Pre-Order Suit Oct. 08 Oct. 08 Free, $2.99
Fallout 3 Xbox 360 New Quests E3 08 Unknown Unknown
Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 New Missions E3 2007 Q1 09 Unknown
Grand Theft Auto IV PC Multiplayer Add-ons Sept. 08 Nov. 08 N/A
Guitar Hero III PS3 God of War Track May 08 June 08 Free
Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 Halo Track Nov. 2007 Nov. 07 Free
Guitar Hero: World Tour Xbox 360 R.E.M. Track Pack Oct. 08 Oct. 08 Unknown
Mirror's Edge PS3 Unknown Sept. 08 Unknown Unknown
Portal: Still Alive

Xbox 360 New Levels E3 08 Oct. 22 $15
Soul Calibur IV Xbox 360 Playable Yoda Jan. 08 July 08 $4.99 as PS3 DLC
Soul Calibur IV PS3 Playable Darth Vader Jan. 08 July 08 $4.99 as 360 DLC
Tomb Raider: Underworld Xbox 360 Two Episodes Oct. 08 Late 08, Early 09 Unknown

*Games in italics have not been released yet.


Will you be buying the new "BioShock" content?

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