The Week In Multiplayer -- One-On-One With Miyamoto, Music Peripheral Overload, NXE, More

* When Stephen sat next to Shigeru Miyamoto at a charity dinner last week, he got to talk to him about a few things... like the development process for "Wii Music," the possibility of DLC and negative reviews. Then things took a twist when Miyamoto started interviewing Stephen.

* How many plastic instruments can you fit in your living room? Patrick finds out.

* Democratic presidential nomineee Barack Obama said you can't make history using a Wiimote.

* We look at the New Xbox Experience and determine whether installing your games on the hard drive make for faster loading times. Watch the videos to see for yourself.

* Speaking of NXE, Stephen joined Joystiq to show how the NXE party system works and complained about how his favorite feature is missing.

* The "Gears of War" movie writer said to expect Emergence Day and Locust horde favorites to appear int he film.

* MTV Networks announced a partnership between Harmonix/MTV Games and Apple Corp. to create a new game featuring the music of The Beatles.

* Picked up "Guitar Hero: World Tour" this week? Here's how to unlock every song.

* BioWare talked about how there's no consequence in gaming, but their new "Star Wars" MMO will change that.

* This week we started a new periodic feature called "Opening Our Mystery Mail." Check out what we got: "Fallout 3," "Gears of War 2" and... a skull.

* Lead "StarCraft II" producer Chris Sigaty explained to me how the game might be "mom-friendly."

* EA announced that the company has sold nearly two million copies of "Spore." But they also said they were cutting 600 jobs as well.

* The makers of "MotorStorm: Pacific Rift" told us what other fun things we can do in the game besides... racing.

* Patrick got exclusive hands-on impressions with Microsoft's 2008 Dream-Build-Play winners, and he picked his favorite three out of the six games.

* "LittleBigPlanet" servers went down and then up again, but without custom levels.

"Mushroom Men" has the weirdest video game music we've heard in a while. Listen for yourself.

* We also started another experimental feature where we show you how "Ninjatown DS" came to life... in photos.

* We compared "Fallout 3"'s metromail map to the real-life one and learned why the game is called "Fallout 3" and not "Fallout."

* The creator of "Eat Lead: Matt Hazard" explained why we need more funny shooters.

* Valve said that "Left 4 Dead" is the company's best-received game ever.

* Why should Stephen play "Star Ocean"? Tell him in 50 words or less.

* How about DLC that you pay for with in-game money? Disney is trying this with "Spectrobes."

* Patrick learned that you can make your own "Wario Ware" game on DS and play it on the Wii.

* Lara Croft vs. a Banana in the WWE -- who would win?

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