Make Your Own 'Wario Ware' Game (On DS) And Play It With Friends (On Wii)

How come more people aren't talking about the amazing stuff Nintendo is doing with the new "Wario Ware" game for DSi?

As reported on the NeoGAF message boards, during a financial report today, Nintendo revealed "Made in Ore" as a DSi Store-only product -- not yet announced for outside Japan -- that lets you make your own "Wario Ware" mini-games.

That's already cool on its own. Here's the kicker: Nintendo's also releasing a WiiWare title called "Asobu! Made in Ore," which allows you to import that custom-tailored "Wario Ware" mini-game and play it on the Wii with friends.

For a company routinely criticized for their approach to online and previous attempts at connectivity, that's surprisingly progressive and cool, no?