Disney Releases 'Spectrobes' Downloadable Content That You Don't Pay Real Money For

Most of us have accepted the realities of downloadable content. Some like it more than others, but it's part of the industry now.

But what if the money you needed to earn to get it could be earned by playing a game?

Disney is proposing that very idea with their first wave of downloadable content for "Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals," a sci-fi take on the "Pokemon" concept.

The six creatures available as downoadable content in "Spectrobes" -- Windalo, Windino, Shasharp, Grispit, Samuspire, Sestar -- are purchased using the same currency, Gura, that players use to purchase other items and weapons in the game.

This way, Disney isn't asking you for more money, but they are requiring you to invest some time in their game to access the extra content. That's a new idea.

I'd like to see more games give this a shot. What do you think?

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