Opening Our Mystery Mail - Episode 3 (A skull??)

Another day, another load of boxes.

Box #1 is from EA and it's large. I'm guessing... "Nerf N-Strike"?

Box #2 is from Sony, and, it would be dishonest for me not to say that I was already informed that I'm getting "Resistance 2" today.

The pile of envelopes are from THQ, D3 and Sony. The Sony one says that it's "ABBA Singstar," so no mystery there. The other two have me thinking they're going to be advanced discs that I won't even be able to mention. I don't know... "Puzzle Quest" and something WWE-related maybe? Let's see....

Oh, and we've got a bonus package, sent to Tracey. The labeling indicates that it contains a skull. She also tells me that "Bossy Bear" is three inches tall.

Let's open this stuff... (Anyone want to recommend a better tag line? We need a signature phrase!)

Box #1 did indeed have "Nerf N-Strike."

Box #2 has the menacing-looking "Resistance 2" Collector's Edition.

The envelopes had "ABBA Singstar," review builds of "WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009," and ... not "Puzzle Quest" but a DS "Ben 10 Alien Force" game. So my streak of correct predictions ends there.

And what of Tracey's skull thing? Here it is.. She told me: "The box with the skull in it said 'Pirates of the Caribbean Skull' so I did expect some sort of severed head."

Plus, while I was writing this post, I got this:

That one is off-limits for coverage until Nov 11. This has been quite a week!

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