How Ninjatown DS Was Made - A Photo Story

I recently met a few guys who were involved in the making of this week's tower-defense game "Ninjatown DS."

The development process sounded really casual, as if it would be possible for anyone with a dream and the right friends to make a game.

So how do you get from concept to release?

Here's how they say it went down. (Warning: you are about to enter an experimental blog post)

*The Making of "Ninjatown DS" - In Pictures*

1) Gaming PR guy Rob Fleischer knew Shawn Smith , former "Electronic Gaming Monthly" editor -- and creator of the Ninjatown characters -- from about a decade ago.


2) About two years ago, introduced to Corey Wade , a former Rockstar employee who now works with Rob.


3) About a year and a half ago, caught up with his former Rockstar colleague Jeremy Pope . Maybe they could work on a game together?


4) So... introduced , who loves "Desktop Tower Defense," to . They started crafting a tower-defense concept that would work with "Ninjatown" characters.


5) Next, brought his idea to Brandon Curiel, of mostly mobile development studio Venan. Brandon's team would be able to make the game.


6) In June of last year, , , and pitched the idea to publisher Southpeak Interactive.


7) The publisher signed on, with Lee Perez and Howard Perlman serving as the game's producers.

And that's all it takes to turn an idea into a video game. (Or so they say.)