EA Announces Impressive 'Spore' Sales, Big Lay-Offs

'Spore'In a press release to report quarterly earnings today, Electronic Arts announced that its PC game "Spore" sold "nearly" two million copies in its first three weeks of release.

That's positive news for a company that otherwise had to announce today that it was cutting six percent of its work force. Kotaku reports that that figure amounts to 600 jobs. EA's release claims that the cuts will save the company $50 million.

Company CEO John Riccitiello noted that game sales had slowed in October, but promised a brighter future. "Longer term, we are very bullish on the game sector overall and on EA in particular," he said in the quarterly release. "The industry is growing double-digits on the strength of three new game consoles and increases in the number of homes with broadband internet connections. EA is well positioned to benefit from these technology drivers due to the strength of our creative studios and our broad collection of game properties--from 'The Sims,' to 'Spore' and 'Madden NFL,' to 'Warhammer Online.'"

For the full press release, go to EA's investors site.