Sometimes I Play An Extra For Joystiq

Readers of gaming blog Joystiq's preview of Microsoft's New Xbox Experience got a pleasant surprise yesterday.

How pleasant?

They got treated to a guest appearance by me (or my "Grand Theft Auto IV" multiplayer avatar, to be more precise) playing a supporting role in their video explaining how the NXE's Party system works.

They explain it pretty well. The Party system is a way for 360 gamers to stay linked together through voice-chat as they hop from game to game or to the dashboard. You don't have to travel together, and you can invite the full party to whatever you're playing at the moment. One detail they don't mention is that your voice-chat can be set to be open to everyone in your party or to just those members of your party who are in the same game.

Keep your eyes peeled, everyone. You never know where your Multiplayer bloggers will pop up next.

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