'Fallout 3''s Washington Metrorail Map vs. Reality

There are many "dungeons" in "Fallout 3" that take place in Washington D.C.'s very real underground metrorail system.

For players who walk through the virtual metrorail, Bethesda Softworks has included maps that tell you a little bit about where the different routes travel to.

I snapped a picture of "Fallout 3"'s metrorail map that you're seeing above this, and wondered how it compared to the real-life version. Thankfully, there's a nicely comparable map on the metrorail's website!

For a side-by-side comparison, keep reading.

Bethesda clearly took some liberties with the map to make it readable in "Fallout 3." There aren't nearly as many stops listed on the virtual metorail map as there are in reality. I also found it funny that Bethesda chose to omit the "Bethesda" stop that's listed -- though a bit undreadable in this blog post -- on one of the routes. No wonder they wanted to make a "Fallout" near Washington D.C.!

(click here for a much higher-resolution version of this same map)


Have you noticed anything else in "Fallout 3" we could compare, readers?

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