News Alert Has People Expecting 'Rock Band: Beatles' Announcement [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 4:20pm: The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that "several people familiar with the matter" have informed the publication that music from The Beatles has, indeed, been licensed for use in "Rock Band." We've reached out to MTV Games for comment, but have not yet heard back.]

We don't know.

You may have seen the blog posts and news articles about the MTV PR blast that just went out to video game reporters. It hypes the pending announcement involving MTV and the company that owns the Beatles' music library, Apple Corps.

You might be getting excited that there could be a "Rock Band Beatles" announcement coming tomorrow.

And you might think I can say if it's happening or not, since I work for MTV.

But as I said above, we here at MTV Multiplayer don't know what it's about. There is an appropriate line drawn between MTV News and MTV Games, which allows News to cover video games freely but which will generally keep us from knowing about gaming initiatives earlier than other reporters.

Rest assured, I'll be on that conference call at 10AM Eastern tomorrow to find out what it means when a press release lands in my in-box entitled: "Apple Corps Ltd. and MTV to Announce Exclusive Agreement to Develop Unprecedented Global Music Project."

For now, I'm in the same boat as you. I'll report more when I get anything official.

This is certainly a good way to get reporters to talk about a music game other than "Guitar Hero: World Tour" this week, huh?