'Sackboy' Says 'LittleBigPlanet' Servers Should Be Back 'Very Shortly'

First, the game was delayed for a week on the eve of its release. And now its servers have been offline since shortly after launch. The charming "LittleBigPlanet" is having an awkward birth.

Since the biggest differentiator between "LBP" and all the "Super Mario Brothers"-style games before it is the ability for gamers to create their own side-scrolling levels and share them online, being able to connect to the server is key.

The servers went live on Monday. That night, Kotaku reported, they went down.

On Tuesday the servers stayed down, with the development studio behind the game, Media Molecule, apologizing and explaining that the downtime was needed to address unforeseen glitches.

The servers remain down today. Multiplayer reached out to Sony this morning to get an estimate on when the game's online features will be running again. We haven't heard back, but we have found a message posted last night on Sony's  official "LittleBigPlanet" site. The note, from "Sackboy103," implies a solution will be coming soon:

"We are working round the clock on the solution to the current issues and we expect the service to improve very shortly.

Offline Play and Create will still function properly during any disruption.

Please accept our apologies for any frustration this may cause for the time being."

We'll let you know when the game is back at full strength. Bear in mind the above message was posted 18 hours ago.

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