Valve Says 'Left 4 Dead' Is Studio's Best-Received Game Ever, Splurges On Ads

If you're like me, you've noticed more ads for Valve's zombie shooter "Left 4 Dead" than there ever were for "The Orange Box."

"Half-Life" is Valve's bread and butter, but a press release yesterday said pre-release buzz for "Left 4 Dead" means Valve is pouring more money into pushing "Left 4 Dead" than any Valve game before it.

"Every time someone plays 'Left 4 Dead,' we witness the most overwhelmingly positive reaction that we've seen from any of our games," said Valve president and co-founder Gabe Newell in the release. "This gives us tremendous confidence in the product and why we've taken the game on the road, produced this pre-launch demo, and invested more advertising dollars on the title than any prior release from Valve."

Valve is spending $10 million on "Left 4 Dead"'s television, outdoor, print and online advertising. Have you noticed those ad dollars in your neck of the woods?

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