Evolution Studios' Must-Do List For 'MotorStorm: Pacific Rift' Gamers

Sure, since "MotorStorm: Pacific Rift" is a racing title, you could do the normal thing and, you know, race in it.

But for our "must-do" list feature, game director Nigel Kershaw let us know of a few other fun (and often humorous) things you can do in the game. For instance...

1) Punch Fest - Play a split-screen race with just a field of bikes, and see who can land the most successful punches on your opponents. Guaranteed to ferment hatred and aggression even amongst a group of nuns.

2) Barrel Roll - See if you can flip your vehicle through 360 degrees and land it again. No reason, just for the hell of it. It's harder than it looks but it can be done; my record is three in a race.

3) Pulitzer Prize - Use photo mode to take a peek at some of the little Easter eggs waiting around the tracks. Can you spot the bunch of developers in their pants on Riptide? Or find the assortment of giant inflatables, or even the Ark of the Covenant?

4) She's Gonna Blow - On the Sugar Rush track just before you get back to the start line, there is a shelter with some gas cylinders inside. I wonder what will happen when you run into them?

5) Oh What a Feeling - See how far you can drive on the ceiling in the lava tubes found in the rift track. It can be done, honest -- although only in a select few of the tunnels, but it's a blast when you find the sweet spot and overtake someone by driving over their heads.

6) Hitch a Ride - Use the bunny hop action on your bike to hop into the back of a racing truck, and let the other guy do the racing for you!

7) Sightseeing - Take a trip to the wildfire track at sunset and see the awesome beauty of nature making a real mess of a tropical island with millions of tons of hot glowing lava.

8 ) Swingers - Take out a friend using the swivel gun on the Beachcomber track, knock into it, see it swivel round to block the other route, and laugh heartily when it clotheslines a biker into oblivion.

9) Got a Crush on You - Set up a custom race full of buggies and rally cars, get into a monster truck and see if you can crush them all under our wheels. Pointless, but great for stress relief after a hard day at work!

10) Feel the Rush - Get on the Edge track in a rally car, and hammer down the first strait for as long as you can without braking and with your thumb hard on the boost button. Don't crash and don't let up -- then you'll be a man, my son.

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