Obama Asks America To Put Down Their Wii Controllers And Help 'Make History'

As part of his final push for the White House, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is asking supporters to take November 4 off from work and become a volunteer for his campaign on election day.

In a video posted on his website yesterday, Obama argued Americans "can't make history" on the couch, in their office or … playing Wii?

Spot the reference five seconds into the video.

But more importantly, Obama's a Wii hater? Stop the presses! This changes everything! Actually, it's more likely the Obama campaign sees a Wiimote as the most identifiable form of "video game" these days. If anything, that's simply a testament to the success of Nintendo in the mainstream culture.

Obama has mentioned games before, asking parents to "turn off the television, turn off the video games" and take more responsibility with their children. His campaign also purchased advertisements in the Xbox 360 version of "Burnout Paradise."

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