Opening Our Mystery Mail - Episode 1

We here at MTV Multiplayer get lots of packages. Some contain video games. Some contain candy, "Guitar Hero" stools and other tchotchkes as well as bricabrac.

I've long wanted to share the thrill of opening my mail -- my mystery mail -- with you readers. Today I'm trying just that. It's an experiment.

First, here's what I was delivered today. Two boxes and six envelopes:

One is from Bethesda. Clearly that's a copy of "Fallout 3," but why is it so big? The other is from the "Brooklyn Navy Yard." I have no idea what will be in that. And there's a stack of six envelopes. What could be in them?

Okay. Time to open this stuff. (Yes I'm writing this post live -- and I will have to censor anything that I open that's embargoed.) Ready?

Box #1 turned out to contain...

Oh. The camcorder we hope to provide whoever we select for the just-ended "Shaun White" guest-blogger casting call. I didn't know that was getting sent to me.

Box #2, the box that was sure to have "Fallout 3" in it contained...

"Fallout 3" super-fancy edition. This thing costs... uh... $130. That's a lot. It contained these two items:

The bottom thing appears to be a viewfinder (Actually: Kotaku confirms that it's something crazier). The top thing is a lunchbox that contains the game, a book and a little Pip-Boy statue.

Yes, a lunchbox:

And what in the world was in all those envelopes?

A hardcover "Fallout 3" strategy guide, something embargoed to November related to the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" video games, "The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon" for PS3, "All-Star Cheer Squad" for Wii and some "Delicious & Moist German Chocolate Cake Mix" to hype the release of "Portal: Still Alive" on XBLA. (It's really just a Betty Crocker box in disguise.)


Tell me what you think of this feature. We're not going to do it every day because we don't want publishers to take advantage and send us even more nonsense mixed in with the video games we cover. But if you like it, we'll certainly do more.