Listen To The Weirdest Video Game Music We've Heard In A While

With Les Claypool contributing his musical talents, there's no doubt that "Mushroom Men" will have interesting audio.

But while the Primus frontman was responsible for crafting the Wii title's main themes, it was the game's audio director, Matt Piersall, who remixed the additional music and sound effects -- like humming, whistling and even scatting -- for the game, recording with popular indie band Midlake.

Influenced by dub and electronic music (Piersall's also a national laptop battle champion), he explained that they set the music to a metronome.

"The entire game runs at 120 beats per minute, so it's literally on an actual clock," he said. "We've put this whole game on beat, so visual and ambient environmental effects will happen in time with the music. It's a very subtle feature but it adds to the immersiveness."

To see what Piersall's talking about, check out the video above. There's also another one after the jump.

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"Mushroom Men" for the Wii and DS is slated for release in November.

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