Game Diary - October 28, 2008: Castlevania On Deck

Last night, I nearly finished "Lock's Quest," a DS game I've been playing for quite some time. And with no reader making a compelling argument for "Star Ocean" on the PSP, it looks like I won't be jumping to that game as my next portable diversion.

Instead, I'll try "Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia" on the DS. And "try" is the operative word. Even though the 2D "Castlevania" games are designed much like 2D "Metroid" games -- which I like -- I've never really been hooked by one. The last "Castlevania" that I finished was one of the early ones on the Game Boy Advance. I've started and abandoned most of the ones since. It's the setting that grates on me.

I don't care for anime-gothic and that dislike trumps the gameplay. I feel a little guilty about that. I'd like to think I can appreciate gameplay over graphics. You know, appreciate the game for what's inside, rather than just its looks. So I'm going to try another "Castlevania" and hope once more than I can judge it on its gameplay. Wish me luck!

Next: Well, first I need to finish "Lock's Quest." I'm on in-game day 91 of, I think, 100.