What Does 'Fallout 3's Packaging Say About Downloadable Content?

Microsoft and Bethesda Softworks made a big deal about the exclusive downloadable content coming to "Fallout 3" on Xbox 360 and PC at E3 this year.

So far, though, we've seen that publishers have strayed away from promoting exclusive downloadable content on the packaging or marketing for the games themselves.

That does not appear to have changed for "Fallout 3."

The back of the "Fallout 3" packaging lists "content download" in its feature set, and the instruction manual's section on the game's main menu describes an area set aside for "Downloads -- View any Downloadable Content you have obtained for Fallout 3." But if you pull up "downloads" in the game, it simply states there is "no new content available."

"Fallout 3" is a big, big game. I wonder how quickly Bethesda will roll out new content for gamers this time. How soon do you want it?

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