My 'Spore' Creature Is A YouTube Sensation

Even though I have yet to play "Spore" outside of the creature creator, I continue getting notifications my "Spore" creature is popular on YouTube.

My creature, whose name I don't remember, is currently at 43,600 views.

Not only that, but 120 people have commented on the creature and two other YouTube users have posted video responses. What are these people thinking??

One user said, "thats looks like my dog walking backwards." Another said, "maybe there's not intelligent life out there after all."

But it doesn't seem like my "Spore" creature is alone. Several related videos have similar view numbers -- some of them even toppling out at over 100,000.

I didn't think my creature was interesting, but since YouTube e-mails me almost once a day that someone new has commented, I must have done something right. Or "Spore"'s YouTube community is more vibrant than I thought.

How are your "Spore" creations doing on YouTube?

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