Game Diary - October 23, 2008: A Good Table

Sure, I played games on the plane to San Francisco yesterday. But the more interesting gaming moment in my day was in the evening.

Here I am moving from my assigned seat -- two chairs to the right of Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime -- to a temporary spot between Fils-Aime and legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto. The event was the Entertainment Software Association's Nite To Unite children's charity dinner and auction, where Miyamoto was honored with an ESA Champion Award and tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert were among the most hotly bid upon items.

A few hundred game developers and publishers occupied the San Francisco ballroom. Next to the the Nintendo table where I sat (as a media guest of the publisher) was an EA table full of that company's top people. Down from them was a Viacom table, elsewhere some Microsoft ones, and so on and so on.

I don't think I've ever posed for a photo with a game creator, but I thought it would be neat to show you all who was at the table where I sat.

Next: I don't think I'll be playing much on Thursday. Maybe some DS on the redeye home?