ESA Won't Comment On Public Admission For Next Year's E3 [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 12:50pm: The ESA has since contacted MTV Multiplayer with some additional clarification.]

There's movement to help reignite some of the fire that used to make E3 such an important event next year.

Hot on the heels of rumors over the annual event's reform, E3's organizer, the Entertainment Software Association issued a press release on Wednesday confirming many details.

It's happening next June, will remain in Los Angeles and appears to be a compromise between the small, business-oriented E3 of recent years and the massive, circus-like E3 it once was.

What the official announcement didn't touch upon, however, was whether early reports were right in saying E3 would adopt the same policies of Tokyo Game Show and Games Convention and allow the public to show up on certain days.

MTV Multiplayer contacted the ESA about this unaddressed point. "This will not be a public event and it is not open to general consumers," said a company spokesperson.

Both Newsweek and G4 reported the public would have some form of access to the new E3, however, so it seems the ESA may simply be waiting until it's figured exactly how that will end up happening. Raffle? Priced admission? Who knows.

When we know more, we'll pass it on.