Concept Art, Kids And Mushroom Season Convinced Les Claypool To Score 'Mushroom Men'

Former Primus bass player Les Claypool has never written game music before "Mushroom Men." But it has nothing to do with his feelings for or against games.

It was actually a series of seemingly coincidental events that lead to Claypool signing on, involving his children, the game's stylized artwork and playing with with mushrooms the same day project was pitched to him.

Claypool explained how all of these happenstances came together during a phone interview this morning with MTV Multiplayer.

"I got the e-mail [saying] 'Hey these guys want you to do some stuff,'" said Claypool. "I looked at the artwork and, as I popped it up and was looking at it, my son just happened to peek over my shoulder and he said 'Oh, Daddy, what's that? Oh my god!' and [started] flipping out. He's a gamer, so he was all excited."

Claypool isn't a gamer himself, but his son loves the WIi. The idea of being able to contribute something his son could play was immediately appealing to Claypool.

"So every day for the next couple of weeks, [my son said] 'Did you talk to the 'Mushroom Men' people? Did you talk to the 'Mushroom Men' people?'" Claypool said laughing, as he mimicked his son's voice. "Some of [my agreeing to do the music] was me gaining brownie points with my kid."

The artwork of "Mushroom Men" was an immediate draw for Claypool, but there were larger forces at work here. Earlier on the same day that Claypool received the pitch for working on "Mushroom Men," he and his two children were partaking in an annual family activity: mushroom picking.

"Coincidentally, it was the time of year -- it was about this time last year -- when me and my kids started hunting for the King Bolete mushrooms," he explained. "I think the day that we got the call we'd been hunting mushrooms. There was an interesting synchronicity going on!" he said, laughing.

The musician's children were so interested in "Mushroom Men" they even drew up some of their own artwork, which we already published.

Any Primus fans reading this? What do you make of Claypool's involvement?

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