What We're NOT Playing (Sorry 'Fable II' And 'Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009')

With Stephen en route to San Francisco today, one can only guess what game he might be passing on this week. But no worries, Tracey and I are here.

The fall gaming season is in full swing, which means we're getting pickier and pickier about what games we decided to spend time with.

See what tough decisions we had to make this week...

Patrick's Not Playing

"Fable II" (Xbox 360)

The reason he's not seeing if Peter Molyenux got it right this time: There are two major RPGs coming out in October and, unfortunately for "Fable II," I choose the other one: "Fallout 3." Given the state of the world right now, "Fallout 3"'s setting is simply more interesting to me. I will play and finish "Fable II" in the near future, but with only so many hours in the day, it will have to wait until I finish exploring the wastelands. Sorry, Peter.

Tracey's Not Playing...

"Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009" (Wii)

Why she's not working on her abs with Jillian: Although I was diligently using "Wii Fit" at least once a week for a while, I haven't used it lately. And from what I've seen of "The Biggest Loser," this woman is brutal. But as far as Wii Balance Board games go, there was "We Ski," and now there's "Wii Music," "Tetris Party" and "The Incredible Maze" -- all more casual titles. Later, we can expect to go boarding with "Shaun White Snowboarding" and "Skate It." But do hardcore gamers really want to get physical with the Balance Board? What games are you looking forward to for the BB?