Game Diary - October 22, 2008: [CENSORED]

'Lock's Quest'Last night, I booted up my Xbox 360 and [CENSORED BECAUSE OF EMBARGO]. Then I switched over to one of my debugs and tried the upcoming game [ALSO CENSORED BECAUSE OF EMBARGO] and found some of it surprisingly disturbing.

Having enough of that I switched to another upcoming game, specifically that game we all know as [SORRY, CENSORED. EMBARGO, YOU KNOW?] and found it to be much more fun than it has been at press demos.

All was well, but, frankly, I was envious of the people who I saw on my 360 friends list who were just merrily playing "Fable II." Oh, but to live a life that could be so out in the open and full of transparency.

At least I can mention (for the hundredth time, it seems), that I'm still trucking through "Lock's Quest," the DS tower tower-defense action game that keeps on delivering interesting gameplay after all these hours. Its quest is long.

Next: I'm off to San Francisco for two days and, as has been the theme for a while, I don't have any new handheld games to travel with. What ever happened to the line-ups of DS and PSP?