Soulja Boy Challenges Me To An Xbox Duel -- How Should I Crush Him?

Soulja Boy Tell'Em, the rapper gamers love (or love to hate) has called me out by name. He's mispronounced my name. And he's challenged me to face him on the Xbox 360.

I can name the game, the time, the place. I'm going to be traveling the next couple of days, so before I respond to him, I am opening it all up to you. How should I respond?

A word of warning, my friends. I may edit a blog called Multiplayer, but single-player gaming is where my skills are at. Look up my gamertag -- StephenMTV -- to get a sense of my abilities. Perhaps a speed-run competition in "Braid" is in order?

So, what should I tell him? In what manner should I crush him?

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