Game Diary - October 21, 2008: A Night Of Failure

On Monday night I tried to play review builds of two major PS3 games on my debug PlayStation 3. My firmware wasn't up to date and I couldn't upgrade to new firmware because I'd lost the instructions on how to do it (it's not the same as upgrading a retail PS3).

I turned on my Xbox 360 instead and tried to check out co-op on "Fable II," thinking the patch enabling that feature might have been made available a day early. Nope.

So I switched to my Wii, which had received a "Wii Music" song from my colleague Tracey. I entered the music game, loaded her video -- set to the tune of the "Super Mario Bros." theme song -- and watched it. Then I tried to do the thing I was most excited to do with the game. I tried to join the session recorded in her video as a member of the band and add a part to her band's performance. I'd add a guitar solo or something. But the game wouldn't let me do that because I haven't unlocked the "SMB" theme in the game. That strange design decision stymied me. More failure.

I backed out to the Wii Menu and tried to load the Wii store so I could buy a WiiWare game. The store failed to load.

I booted up "World of Goo" and tried playing the level partially pictured above. I needed to build a bridge of goo balls, suspending them above a bed of spikes by attaching some balloons -- but not suspending them too high lest the balloons get punctured by a row of spikes above. I tired four times. I failed four times.

So... I went to bed.

Next: Here's to doing something successful in a game on Tuesday. Oh, and, for the record, I also failed to finish "Dead Space" last night, something I had hoped to do. I didn't even have time to play it.