How 'Max Payne''s Opening Weekend Compares To Nine Other Video Game Movies

"Max Payne" had a solid opening weekend at the box office. It's proof that video game movies are not going anywhere.

But how does the Mark Wahlberg-starring "Max Payne" stack up against other video game debuts?

MTV Multiplayer consulted movie numbers website Box Office Mojo for the cash generated by the last nine video game-based movies released, excluding those (read: typically Uwe Boll-directed) films that did not see a comparable wide release.

In order of release date -- newest first -- starting with "Max Payne," here are the opening weekend box office figures for the last 10 big video game movie …

* "Max Payne" -- $18 million

* "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" -- $2.98 million

* "Hitman" -- $13.18 million

* "Resident Evil: Extinction" -- $23.67 million

* "Silent Hill" -- $20.15 million

* "Doom" -- $15.48 million

* "BloodRayne" - $1.5 million

* "Alone in the Dark" -- $2.83 million

* "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" -- $23.03 million

* "House of the Dead" -- $5.68 million

"Max Payne" isn't the biggest video game opening in recent memory -- the "Resident Evil" series seems to carry that torch and "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" holds the top title at $47.73 million  -- but it's certainly up there.

Did you see "Max Payne" this weekend? What did you think?