Blizzard: Economic Downturn Won't Hurt 'World of Warcraft'

Use less gas these days? Of course. Play less "WoW"? No way.

As you can see in the segment that aired on MTV2 last night, Rob Pardo, executive vice president of game design at Blizzard Entertainment, told our Tracey John at Blizzard headquarters last week that he doesn't think "World of Warcraft" -- which has more than two million paying subscribers in the U.S. -- is going to be hurt by the faltering U.S. economy.

(Videos not viewable by users logging in from Canada or the U.K. -- But see below for Pardo's full quote.)

Rob Pardo, Executive Vice President, Blizzard Entertainment: Historically for us, the game industry hasn't been affected by recessions like a lot of other businesses. I think the reason for that is [that] games really offer some of the best entertainment value on the market. People might not want to go out to the movies and spend $100 for a couple of hours and then go to a restaurant. You can go home and pay $15 a month for 100 hours of entertainment if you're staying at home more -- and I think that's one of the reasons why you don't see games really go in the same recession as the rest of the economy a lot of times.

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