PS3 vs 360: Charting The Exclusive Content [UPDATED]

As platform-specific content becomes the new form of exclusives, it's becoming harder and harder to keep track of.

Who's getting the "BioShock" challenge rooms? If I want to play as Darth Vader, which version of "Soul Calibur IV" do I need? Are they going to charge me for that "God of War" theme for "Guitar Hero III"?

Exclusive DLC is a popular weapon in today's console war. Sony worldwide studios head Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer at this year's Tokyo Game Show that publishers are all moving to multi-platform publishing, and as a result expects to "see more announcements about exclusive downloadable content." Microsoft paid millions to secure "Grand Theft Auto IV"'s additional content. This trend isn't going away.

MTV Multiplayer is here to help. We've created a chart which organizes all of the relevant exclusive content that's popped over the past year or so. If we're missing anything, please let us know. We'll add it.

This chart does not include Wii because we don't consider motion controls exclusive content. If companies start including Wii-specific content on multi-platform games, however, we'll expand the chart's scope.

PS3 vs 360: Charting The Exclusive Content
Game Platform Exclusive Content Announced Release Price
BioShock PS3 Puzzles E3 08 Nov. 20 $9.99
Call of Duty: WoW Xbox 360 Multiplayer Beta Sept. 08 Oct. 08 N/A
Dead Space Xbox 360 & PS3 Upgraded Suit, Pre-Order Suit Oct. 08 Oct. 08 Free, $2.99
Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Three New Quests E3 08 Jan, Feb, March '09 Unknown
Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 New Missions E3 2007 Feb '09 Unknown
Grand Theft Auto IV PC Multiplayer Add-ons Sept. 08 Nov. 08 N/A
Guitar Hero III PS3 God of War Track May 08 June 08 Free
Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 Halo Track Nov. 2007 Nov. 07 Free
Guitar Hero: World Tour Xbox 360 R.E.M. Track Pack Oct. 08 Oct. 08 $5.50
Mirror's Edge PS3, Xbox 360 Unknown Sept. 08 Unknown Unknown
Portal: Still Alive

Xbox 360 New Levels E3 08 Oct. 22 $15
Red Alert 3 PC "Extra Content" Nov. 08 Unknown N/A
Soul Calibur IV Xbox 360 Playable Yoda Jan. 08 July 08 $4.99 as PS3 DLC
Soul Calibur IV PS3 Playable Darth Vader Jan. 08 July 08 $4.99 as 360 DLC
Tomb Raider: Underworld Xbox 360 Two Episodes Oct. 08 Late 08, Early 09 Unknown


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