It Must Be Fate -- My First Dog's Name Is 'Pixel'

I have never owned a pet before, but that changed over the weekend.

My girlfriend has always wanted a dog, but I'm allergic. It wasn't until I met Minnie, former 1UP staffer (now at Microsoft) Kathleen Sanders' too-cute chihuahua, that I'd say "yes."

Over the weekend, we went dog shopping. Thing is, we only ended up looking at one dog, a young female chihuahua named -- wait for it -- Pixel.

No, I did not name the dog! Somehow, through some crazy coincidence, the most relaxed dog I've ever met and the first one I considered making my first real pet had a nerdy name. And it was the first dog we looked at, too!

Seems like fate, right? 20 minutes after meeting her, she was ours. Now, I just need to stop my girlfriend from buying Pixel too much ridiculous clothing!