Microsoft: Photo, Video Sharing Could Easily Be Added To New Xbox Experience

One of the early promises of Sony's Home service was the ability to stream media to your friend's machines and watch, listen and talk together.

Since then, Sony has said that's not something that will be part of Home's open beta.

But it is something that Microsoft's thinking about implementing with the "New Xbox Experience," otherwise known as the dashboard update coming on November 19.

Here's a shared video idea I proposed to two Microsoft employees who were showing me the dashboard a few weeks back.

MTV Multiplayer: There's the idea that if I downloaded a movie, or say I had Netflix and all my friends had Netflix, is is theoretically possible that if we all wanted to watch "Michael Clayton," that it's possible you could create an application that allowed you to do that?

"Yes," said Xbox director of marketing Albert Penello. "Those types of things are certainly the aspiration."


Right now, movie sharing isn't part of Microsoft's plan, but it's good to know it's something they've talked about. One of the less discussed features of the new dashboard is that it's now a server-based service. In other words, no more patches -- not unless Microsoft makes major changes to the architecture.

If Microsoft wants to add a new tab to the dashboard, it will just appear on the dashboard when you boot up. No update required. Microsoft believes this will allow them to get rid of the spring and fall dashboard update mentality they've had in the past and introduce faster updates.

"You know, we talked about photo sharing," added Xbox senior strategist Rob Gruhl. "That's something that, hey, if we want to do photo sharing, we just build that app, drop it in, party enable it and we're good to go. If we wanted to do movie sharing, build an app, party enable it, drop it in. Really, it's [the new dashboard] just laying the foundation for our next wave, our next step. Continuing to fill it out, continuing to build it."

What applications do you want Microsoft to build? I'd love a Flickr application!

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