What 360-Exclusive 'Tomb Raider' DLC Means For PS3, PC Owners

"Tomb Raider: Underworld" today joined "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Fallout 3" in delivering Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content.

The evolving downloadable content landscape has been an interesting one to watch. It's suddenly become the last place for platform holders to secure exclusive content.

But what happens if you're a PlayStation 3 or PC player? You might not like the answer.

An Eidos Interactive spokesperson told MTV Multiplayer the content for "Tomb Raider" is not a timed exclusive and will not appear on other platforms. There are no plans for separate content to be produced for the other platforms.

The content will be delivered in two episodic chunks -- "Beneath the Ashes" and "Lara’s Shadow." The first, "Beneath The Ashes" arrives by Christmas, followed by "Lara's Shadow" in early 2009. Eidos says the content, combined, will provide "six hours" of extended gameplay.

Additionally, there will be no playable demo of the game for the PS3 version.

Looks like Xbox 360 "Tomb Raider" fans come out ahead this fall. What do you make of this new business practice, readers?

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