My #3 Nintendo Fall Summit Game - 'Wii Music'

All day long we're presenting Patrick Klepek's favorite games of last week's Nintendo of America media summit.

I'm sorry, "Wii Music."

As an avid "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" fan, ever since Nintendo announced their take on the growing music games genre, I've been a skeptic.

There's no game here, I said.

I was wrong. There is more to "Wii Music" than meets the eye. The problem is that you'll never understand what I'm talking about until you play it. It doesn't come across in a video. It won't make sense after you read these words. You just have to play it.

What changed my mind?

Jamming with a Nintendo Treehouse employee to The Police's "Every Breath You Take" while our characters floated through space. I was on galactic guitar. He was on galactic drums. About halfway through our session, "Wii Music" clicked for me. It's not "Rock Band" or "Guitar Hero" -- but it doesn't want to be.

"Wii Music" is its own thing, and something I'll be happy to spend more time with when it drops in just a few short weeks.