'The Conduit' Already Has 'MotionPlus' Support, WiiSpeak Too

High Voltage Software has received heaps of attention for "The Conduit," a hardcore-focused shooter designed from the ground up for Wii.

The studio is intent on making full use of the Wii's capabilities, High Voltage COO Eric Nofsinger told me at Nintendo's fall summit in San Francisco yesterday.

"The Conduit" will support both the Wii MotionPlus accessory -- they just received development kits -- and the "Animal Crossing"-linked WiiSpeak.

"We're hooking it [MotionPlus] up," said Nofsinger. "We want to support it. Probably for this version of the game there's not going to be a whole ton of really extensive use of the Wii MotionPlus. For the sequel to the game, we definitely do want to incorporate more melee and things like that. We want to support it."

Supporting MotionPlus does come with its hazards, however.

When I spoke with the developers of "de Blob," they told me access to MotionPlus might have overcomplicated their control scheme. There might have been a tendency to introduce more simply because they could.

"I think it is something to be cognizant of," said Nofsinger. "I think one of our early mandates in design and with the control in general is we didn't want to be gimmicky. We do have a lot of Wii-specific controls with some of the weaponry, but we didn't want to be a waggle Wiimote kind of game. There's nothing in the game like that. I don't know if we had done that even if we had Wii MotionPlus and been too reliant on it."

MotionPlus will be supported when "The Conduit" arrives early next year, and Nofsinger admitted they'll be play testing how it changes the game.

"Right now it's probably too early to really say," he said. "We're pretty recent in having our hardware and actually integrating it. There may be a competitive advantage to that kind of thing. We want to make sure anything we do incorporate doesn't just break the whole experience and a lot of that just comes through a lot of testing. We play the game constantly, and in these upcoming months we'll have an army of testers working on it."

The bottom line to Nofsinger, however, is whether the base game is fun -- even a gamer doesn't have all the peripherals "The Conduit" will end up supporting.

"There may be a competitive advantage to that kind of thing [MotionPlus]"

"It would be a mistake for a developer to require too many peripherals or things like that," he said. "The game has to be fun with just the Wiimote and nunchuck. Even if you don't have connectivity online, even if you don't have WiiSpeak, even if you don't have Wii MotionPlus…if you don't have anything but your Wii and the game, it's got to be fun."

"The Conduit" does not yet have a publisher, but Nofsinger promised word on that soon. For now, what do you think of their approach to MotionPlus?

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