Revealing Highlights Of Iwata's Nintendo DSi Presentation, Now In English

Here are highlights from a transcript of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's announcement-rich address in Tokyo this morning, now presented in English on the official Japanese site:

Nintendo's Sales Goal For Nintendo DSi: "The ultimate sales goal is not "one device per household" but "one for each person."

How Music Playback On DS Isn't What You're Thinking: "Another new function, 'DSi Sound' audio player, is not meant to be an ordinary audio playback mechanism. Since it is something Nintendo offers, we have aimed to design it so that people can "enjoy playing with sounds." ... "There are a variety of features such as the function to play back sounds with special effects and the reverse-run ability as well as an instrumental play back or a sort of Karaoke function which can erase the vocal data which are programmed to be generated at the center of two speakers."

Why It's Ok That The DSi Camera Isn't Amazing: "For cell phones and digital cameras, manufacturers have been increasing the number of pixels in order to appeal to consumers. However, we have taken almost the opposite approach. We cannot boast about the resolution as the camera for DSi has the 300,000 pixels resolution.

"On the other hand, the 'DSi Camera' software included in DSi, of course, can take pictures and store them, but there are 11 types of special camera lenses included. This means DSi can take pictures by utilizing a variety of special effects on real time basis, change the whole picture to black and white images, color the portions you touch or exchange the existing color with new one on the area you touch, make a composite picture using preinstalled frames or make the frames for yourselves, draw variety of graffiti on the pictures, use the technology to recognize human faces and put glasses and mustaches on them, combine two people's faces with different degrees of one's features, and confirm to what degree two faces are resembling by utilizing face recognition engine. These functions can be enjoyed with the unique Nintendo user interfaces that you are familiar with."

Why The Moving Notebook Free DS App Is Cool: (Just scroll down to the orange box and watch.)