'Dead Space' Bonus Suit Confusion Clarified

(Elite Suit, Obsidian Suit, Scorpion Suit)

Electronic Arts is ramping up reasons you should be on board the "Dead Space" hype train soon.

If you pre-order, you gain access to a downloadable "Scorpion Suit." If you own an Xbox 360, it's a platform-exclusive "Elite Suit." On the PlayStation 3, it's an equally exclusive "Obsidian Suit."

All three suits are virtually identical, an EA spokesperson told me today. Each provides you with a "new look, increased toughness and increased inventory slots." You'll access them through stores found within "Dead Space."

Here's what caught my eye, though: there doesn't appear to be any reason players shouldn't use the suit. EA couldn't tell me of any weaknesses to balance out its strengths. "You don't have to use it if you want to play the game as is the first time around," said a spokesperson. "The suit will be there in the Stores on the ship, so it's up the player on when they want to put it on."

So, if you want to make the game a bit harder, play "Dead Space" with the original suit. But make sure to grab the platform downloads as soon as possible -- in the US, the free download expires on October 28. EA couldn't tell me if they would be made available as paid downloadable content later.

Potential "Dead Space" players, will you be donning the upgraded suit?

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